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InkMagic No-Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee

InkMagic No-Nonsense Satisfaction GuaranteeInkMagic No-Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee

We've all had problems in the past with warranties and guarantees for the items we purchase.  It seems like the warranty runs out about two days before you run into a problem with a product or service.  What does the retailer/manufacturer tell you?  Sorry, it's past the warranty date!  Sort of a 'too bad ... so sad' situation.  Really?  The company won't honour the warranty because it didn't break down 3 days earlier?  To me that is just not fair!

I'm Dale Farrier, and I own InkMagic International.  I started InkMagic International way back in 1996!  Yeah, I was a few years younger back then!  You might say I'm of the 'old school'.  My thoughts are, if you can't offer the highest quality product and back it up with the very best service possible ( and that includes product satisfaction guarantees) then I just don't think you should be in business. You certainly don't disserve your customers' business.  That philosophy has done us well for a lot of years, with a lot of very happy, long-term customers.

More to the point, if a cartridge doesn't work properly then it should be replaced ... simple as that.  I know manufacturers and retailers usually list a 'shelf life' of one or two years and usually a warranty period of one or possibly two years (if the retailer is really feeling brave).  But in actuality, if an inkjet or toner cartridge is sealed and stored in a place with normal room temperature and out of direct sunlight, the shelf life is upwards of 5 years or more.  Just store your cartridges in a closet, cabinet or desk drawer.  I personally don't think there should ever be an 'expire date' on a cartridge box because cartridges really don't ever 'expire'. 

I ask myself, if a cartridge doesn't ever really expire, then why should the warranty period be limited to 1 or two years?  If you bought a bunch of cartridges just over two years ago and you have been successfully using those cartridges in your printer over that period, then this last cartridge you put in your printer doesn't register properly ... most likely a defective chip ... shouldn't you be entitled to a FREE replacement?  In my opinion, and I own InkMagic so really it's only my opinion that counts :-), you should absolutely get a replacement!  The cartridge was defective so why should it matter if you bought the cartridge 1, 2 or 3 years ago if it was stored properly?

My solution, which I came up with many, many years ago, is very simple ... don't put a time limit on your product guarantees and most important give your customer the benefit of the doubt.  A customer shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to get good customer service and a product replacement that they disserve.  I'll probably ask for a picture of the page with the black line down it, or the page with yellow blotches or the error code you get when you put a new cartridge in your printer.  In most cases that's all I need to authorize the warehouse to ship out a new cartridge.

I call this the 'InkMagic No-Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee'.

My personal guarantee to you ...

  • You will receive the very best,personalized customer service any company can offer.
  • We will never farm out our customer service to another (overseas) company where most service reps can hardly speak English. In most cases they have pretty much zero knowledge on the product itself.  How frustrating is that?
  •  I will personally correspond directly with you to ensure you receive the best service possible in the very shortest amount of time.  Usually I instruct the warehouse to send replacement product within minutes ... not days or weeks.  Solve the problem now and take care of minor details later.  It's just good business sense.
  • InkMagic does not put a time limit on the warranty period for our products.  Every situation is dealt with on a one on one basis with the customer always receiving the benefit of doubt.  Need I say every customer simply deserves this.  Should I expect anything less from companies I give my loyalty and money too?
  • No hoops to jump through.  We will probably ask you to send us a photo of the problem, if possible.  Usually that is all we need. 
  • Most companies selling cartridges online require you to return the cartridge for inspection BEFORE a replacement is sent out.  That can take weeks before you get the replacement.  At InkMagic we 'usually' (in well over 90% of the cases) send out a replacement immediately and 'sometimes' ask to have the cartridge returned for inspection, depending on the situation and the value of the cartridge.

So I guess my question to you is, who do you want to give your business to ... the mass marketers who sells solely on price, sacrificing quality of product.  They move from supplier to supplier based on price. Those companies who farm out their customer service to overseas companies who know virtually nothing about the product?  Companies who send you through hoops just to get a replacement product to which you are entitled, if it isn't a few days past the warranty period?

Well, the internet is full of those types of companies.  I've seen hundreds and hundreds come and go over the past 15 years. 

The bottom line is that my company, InkMagic International, has worked with our manufacturers for well over 10 years.  We know their products are the 'Best of the Best' and we stand behind them as such.  My father always said 'Quality doesn't cost ... it saves!'.  I heard that back in the sixties.  Nothing could be more true in the fly-by-night internet companies you see today.

If you have any questions regarding our 'InkMagic No-Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee' then by all means email me at dfarrier @ (remove spaces).  I'll personally answer any and all questions you may have.

Have a GREAT day!

Dale Farrier

President: InkMagic International


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