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cheap michael kors handbags focus on products, channels and services in the transformation to optimize new, In providing consumers with high-quality shopping experience. July 2012, that is, the first anniversary of excellent purchase, the monthly peak orders exceeded 20,000 single; 2014 full year booked volume of 20 billion yuan, nearly breakeven; July 2015, 20 $ Registered users, while adding cross-border electricity business ranks, a leading domestic fashion and sports shoes and apparel business vertical platform. Embrace changes in the purchase network is to create 'independent value' 'natural selection, survival of the fittest,' the Natural investment applies to the same business community. 'Large investment, big buy' the flow of dividends era has ended, 'low-cost competition, damage to gross margin' user expansion model has become the past tense, the face of giant staking their In the direction of development, the consumer migration to the mobile terminal, Survival? In this regard, gifted purchase network has its own solution. Embrace change, to 'content', 'scene', 'sharing', 'cross-border', To the mobile end of transformation michael kors handbags outlet store

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michael kors handbags outlet online actually create 'independent value.' According to the '2015-2016 China Mobile Electronic Commerce Market Annual Report' published by AI Media Consulting, China Mobile subscribers reached 364 million by the end of 2015, up by 23.8% year on year. It is expected that by 2018, the scale of China Mobile Will be close to 500 million. On the electricity provider platform, the mobile is the trend, the mobile end of the battle will intensify. March 2012 'excellent shopping mall' APP formally launched on-line sales performance has been showing a year after year to enhance the situation, orders accounted for for more than 20 days ago. The beginning of the establishment of the platform, gifted purchase network began to move on the layout. 83%. This year, gifted purchase network is the 'mobile-side transformation, mobile-side transformation' to a strategic height. Improve the order volume at the same time, mobile-side functions continue to optimize, and continuously improve the operational capacity Up to now, the results are significant, 'excellent shopping mall' APP to achieve data tracking function, for example michael kors bags outlet

cheap michael kors

michael kors handbags outlet through user behavior data tracking and analysis, you can understand which module consumers stay in a long time, which content interested, consumer Gender accounting for how much, and so on. Excellent purchase network according to user preferences and marketing, to create match consumer scenes, to provide interested content, so as to win consumer opportunities. Step on the times the outlet, to seize the moment the Both in 2015 to join the ranks of cross-border electronic business, the use of 'overseas direct mining overseas direct mail new season lightning delivery RMB payment' service model, with well-known Brand in Korea to establish deep relations of cooperation, quickly seize the market, Become the leading Korean apparel class cross-border business platform. Another in-depth exploration and innovation move - to build a 'micro-sharing' platform, the use of red -sharing mode, shared benefits, more extra revenue, micro-sharing platform since July on-line has also been much loved and sought after friends. michael kors handbags outlet sale

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