InkMagic Celebrates 19 Years in Business!

June 2 2015
Our Mandate:


InkMagic International a privately owned, Canadian corporation. We began manufacturing InkMagic Premium Inkjet Refill Kits in 1996. We were one of the first Canadian companies to manufacture inkjet refill kits. In later years we remanufactured 2,000 - 4,000 HP and LexMark inkjet cartridges per month.  Our largest distributor was in South Korea!

InkMagic began retailing their products online in 2002. Since then thousands of customers trust InkMagic International for all their inkjet and laser toner cartridge needs.


Our President:


The president, founder and sole owner of InkMagic International Ltd. is Mr. Dale R. Farrier. He is a rather unusual character to be president of such a fast growing company. You do not find him hiding behind closed doors or spending the majority of his day in boardrooms, as might be expected. Mr. Farrier spends the greater part of his day speaking with InkMagicdistributors, retailers and you, the end-user. Many product improvements and enhancements have come as the result of Mr. Farrier communicating directly with the seller or user of our products. His door is always open!


Our Products:


Over the years our product line has expanded to include InkMagic Premium Inkjet Refill Kits (now discontinued), InkMagic Premium Inkjet Compatible Cartridges and InkMagic Compatible Laser Cartridges. Recently we started adding the latest generation of toner cartridges for color laser printers.

We insist on the highest quality products consistently.  We do not jump around between manufacturers and suppliers because they have the lowest price.  We have been purchasing our products from the same manufacturers for almost 10 years.  This guarantees us the most uniform and high quality products from the manufacturers we know and trust.


Our Warehouses:


Until two years ago we shipped all our orders from our Calgary warehouse. With well over half our customers coming from Ontario and east, we opened up our Markham warehouse. Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec customers now receive their orders in 1 or 2 business days if they live in a major city.  Western Canada customers receive their orders from our Richmond, BC warehouse.

All orders are shipped by Canada Post Expedited which is traceable and has guaranteed delivery times.


All our InkMagic products come with our exclusive "InkMagic 100% Performance Guarantee". If any InkMagic product does not perform as well or better than the original manufacturer's product, simply give us a call or send us an e-mail.  We'll replace it without question or offer you a refund whichever you prefer. It is that simple. We know our products are the best on the market and want you to try them risk free!


Helping our Ecology:


We, at InkMagic International, feel it is mandatory for all to do their part in reducing the amount of waste going to our landfills. While disposing of an inkjet or laser cartridge doesn't seem like a lot, when you look at North America as a whole, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of non-biodegradable cartridges being dumped each and every day. Many of our InkMagicproducts are remanufactured from empty cartridges which would have, otherwise, been sent to the landfills. 


Saving You Money:


In addition to the benefits to our ecology, our products will also save you money.  High Quality compatible and remanufactured cartridges typically save you 30% or more.  Many of our cartridges have substantially more ink or toner than the original, resulting in even greater savings.

Remember, quality doesn't cost, it saves!  This could never be more true in this price driven economy.

Where from here:


InkMagic has been the industry leader for more than 19 years.  This is not going to change.  We will continue to search the market for latest, high quality products to offer our customers and friends.


Great website, Great Company (9/11/2016 12:00:00 AM)
The website is amazing with detailed info for printers well done everyone !

Jen - Waterloo on Canada
Amazing customer service and products (9/29/2016 1:10:00 AM)
I've had the pleasure of being a customer for many years now and have had some great conversations with Dale, who has been awesome to deal with. While my printer usage has tapered off quite a lot, thanks to sharing more online, my recommendations have not. I often tell friends and family that this is the best place to get ink!

Wendy - BC, Canada
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